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Entry Criteria

Entries are welcomed from all businesses located within the Shires of York, Toodyay, Northam, Goomalling and Beverley. Each Business is permitted to enter a maximum of two categories and there are no entrant fees. 


Start Up Business of the Year

This is a new business in the Avon Valley region for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 24 months. They've brought their "A" game and have made a difference to the business community. 

Food and Beverage Excellence & Innovation  
Tara Whitney Business Award Writing Essentials.PNG

This business elevates the F&B industry to a great standard in the Avon Valley Region and people ARE talking about it. Maybe it's the food, or the beverages - or both. The ambience, the customer centric culture, all combined with the products or produce makes this business unforgettable. 

Micro Business (0-4 staff)

Whether this is a home based business or a business with up to 4 staff this business is able to shine in the business community.  These businesses know their customers buying or purchasing needs and try to help you every time. 

Small Business (5-10 staff)

This small business employs a minimum of 5 staff and no more than 10 staff casual, part-time or full-time.  Small business is the backbone of our Nation and these businesses are working hard to keep their clients or customers happy. 

Medium Business (11-20 staff)

This Medium sized business employs between 11 and 20 staff members casual, part-time or full-time in the Avon Region.  They may have grown from a small business over the past 2 years or they have provided a new offering to the Avon Region. Whatever it is, they are doing it well. 

Large Business (20+ staff)

A large business that employs more than 20+ people in varying positions of casual, part-time and full time capacities brings a special degree of customer service, brand culture and excellence in all that they do. 

Best Charity of Not for Profit Business

Not-for-profit (NFP) organisations and Charities are businesses that provide services to the community and do not operate to make a profit for its members (or shareholders, if applicable).  In the Avon Valley Region, these businesses offer support and strength within our communities and this is a chance for them to be recognized. 

NWIB Business Woman of the Year

This award is to recognise and celebrate the leadership and creativity of inspirational businesswomen in the Avon Valley Region. This business woman owns and operates a minimum of 50% of her business and is both strategic in business and community focussed. 

Marketing Excellence

This category explores how a business has presented themselves to the consumer. From how it looks, to how it makes you feel, how does this business communicate with you? and how do they keep you updated with their business offererings? Marketing encompasses Advertising, Promotions, Public Relations and your total Brand Aesthetic, and all of the used channels to reach the consumer. 

Tourism Excellence

This business has dedicated themselves to driving new customers into the region.  They demonstrate an understanding of what the Avon Valley tourist is looking for and fulfil this with their tourism offering. 

Avon Valley's Best Staff Member of the Year 

This staff member goes above and beyond.  This award will acknowledge their acheivements in the workplace and within the Avon Valley community. This is a person that you couldn't imagine NOT being in your business, as they are too valuable. (Employee must have worked a minimum of 6 months to be eligible for this award at the time of nomination.)

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